Yeah, no I can’t do this bullshit anymore ic or ooc. Unfollow Ronnie and am keeping the rest of my characters xo

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Sleeping in late always makes me feel like such a bum.

Anonymous asked:  what is marriage to andy like?

It has it’s ups and downs, like any marriage. But I love him more than I could ever express in just words alone. He’s been by my side so long that I don’t know what it would be like to not have him there — and I’m sure he would agree to that being true for him as well. It’s wonderful, above all else, because I know that he’s my soulmate and that I’m with the man that I was meant to marry.

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Fell asleep and woke up sick to my stomach. Ronnie come back to bed before I die ;~;

I got up to pee, You’ve been clinging to me the whole time babe.



I’m sexy.


this entire picture sums up you. Completely.

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Anonymous asked:  are you and andy already back to gether yet?

Of course.

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